The STEELMAN PRO 60605 Wireless ChassisEAR 2 is an upgrade on the classic that utilizes several advancements and improvements to help quickly pinpoint squeaks, rattles, and any other troublesome and errant noises across a vehicle's engine, axles, and chassis. Ideal for diagnosing faulty fuel injectors, bearings, gears, suspensions, transmissions, differentials and CV joints, and under hoods, this tool works as a high powered wireless stethoscope for your car or truck. The main control unit features a 4.3-inch color LCD touchscreen to coordinate the signals from the included transmitters via an easy to use interface and its' internal rechargeable battery can provide up to 3.5-hours of continuous runtime per charge. Each of the 4 independent transmitters connects to a piezoelectric microphone clamp and can be placed in a separate location around the vehicle. Included with the kit are hook-and-loop straps and zip ties for added security against clamps coming free during road tests. For instances with confined spaces, cable extensions are included for each transmitter that allow clamp and transmitter to be mounted separately. Each transmitter can be toggled to one of 6 selectable channels on the receiver and can be selected or muted individually to make pinpointing the location and cause of a noise easy. Kit includes 4 transmitters, 1 receiver unit, 1 set of over-ear headphones, 4 microphone clamps, 4 jumper extensions, 6 nylon zip tie straps, 6 hook-and-loop straps, transmitter charging station, AC adapter, USB charging cable, color coded transmitter boots, instruction manual, and a canvas storage bag.


  • NOISE DETECTION - Detect the source or squeaks, rattles, and other errant or troublesome noises throughout a car or truck's chassis
  • 4 WIRELESS TRANSMITTERS - Kit includes 4 independent transmitters that can be mounted in locations across the vehicle
  • LCD TOUCHSCREEN - 4.3-inch color LCD touch sensitive screen equipped control unit with easy to use interface
  • TRANSMITTER JUMPERS - Transmitter jumpers allow separate mounting of clamps and transmitters in confined spaces
  • EASY IDENTIFICATION - Color coded boots and location naming in software to quickly locate trouble spots
  • RECHARGEABLE - Control unit and transmitters feature internal rechargeable batteries
  • ACCESSORIES - Kit includes 12 tie down straps, transmitter charging station and a canvas storage bag
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90 Day Limited Warranty

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