Wide View Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

SKU#: 41603 Model#: DXMF21011
The DEWALT Wide View Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet protects your eyes against UV and IR light when welding.
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The DEWALT DXMF21011 Wide View Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet lets you protect your eyes against UV and IR light without limiting your view of your work. Two DIN 5 side lenses double the viewable area giving you a wide, almost panoramic view of your work and not just a small slice of it. Three different modes allow this 1/1/1/2 lens clarity welding mask to be used in multiple roles that require different levels of protection with a DIN 4 grinding mode, DIN 5-8 cutting mode, and a DIN 9-13 welding mode. The lightning fast auto-darkening filter is connected to 4 independent arc sensors that can engage in a mere 1/15,000th of a second. The sensors can additionally be tuned to be more or less sensitive to account for varying working conditions, whether outdoors in bright light / using heavy current or in dark areas / using low current and you can even customize the lightening delay from 0.2 seconds to 1.0 second. To protect the delicate electronic filter, this helmet features both a large exterior lens and a smaller interior lens to prevent damage from slag, sparks, and more. To protect you, the entire helmet's outer shell is rated ANSI Z87+ for impact protection to keep you safe from high speed flying slag and metal debris. For lasting comfort during wear, the mask is attached to a multi-point adjustable rig with an integrated sweat band so you can stay comfortably focused without having to stop and adjust or wipe sweat from your eyes right when you hit your stride.


  • LIGHTNING FAST - 4 lightning fast arc sensors engage and darken the filter in 1/15,000 of a second
  • PANORAMIC VIEWING - Additional DIN 5 side lenses allow a wide, 20.4 square inch panoramic view while working
  • SHADE CONTROL - Independent shade control allows you to fine tune the DIN level according to preference or welding process
  • IMPACT PROTECTION - Shell is rated ANSI Z87+ for maximum protection against impacts and flying debris
  • ADJUSTABLE DELAY - Adjustable lightening delay can be set from 0.2 - 1.0s to reduce user eye strain and fatigue
  • DUAL PROTECTION - Auto-darkening filter is protected from sparks and slag by both a large exterior and a smaller interior protective lens
  • LASTING POWER - CR2450 battery is augmented by a solar cell that charges as you weld for lasting power
  • COMFORTABLE - Multi-point adjustable headgear with integrated sweat band stays comfortable during long welding jobs
Product Manual Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


batteries included
batteries required
battery size
ANSI Z87.1, CAN/CSA Z94.3
country of origin
item height
item length
item weight
item width
lens switching speed
manufacture warranty
2 Year Limited Warranty
power supply
Solar w/battery backup
viewing field size
3.86 x 2.44
2 Year Limited Warranty

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