The STEELMAN 99039 Cable Style Valve Stem Fishing Tool combines 3 separate tools into a single, compact package to lessen the number of tools needed when installing valve stems into automotive and motorcycle wheels. The flexible cable is constructed of long lasting steel and ends in a cap that screws tightly onto valve stems and holds securely until the job is done. The handle goes above and beyond the standard with a port cleaner in one side to clean road debris and build-up from the inside of valve stems so that cores can install snugly without leaks. The other side features a valve core installation tool so you can install and remove cores without having to go hunting for additional tools. The handle and stem puller all feature a knurled finish texture to provide a non-slip grip in oily or wet conditions and each also spins freely of the main tool for ease of operation. When the job is done this flexible tool can be looped and folded down to take up less space in your tool chest.


  • EASY VALVE INSTALLATION - Designed for the easy installation of Schrader type valve stems without damaging wheels
  • VALVE PORT CLEANER - One side of the handle features a port cleaner to remove rust or road buildup from the inside of the stem
  • BUILT-IN CORE TOOL - Handle also features an installation tool for quick and easy removal and installation of valve cores
  • FREE-ROTATING TOOLS - All 3 ends are free spinning for easy operation without having to rotate the entire cable tool
  • DURABLE STEEL CABLE - Cable is made of durable steel with a weather resistant coating
  • COMPACTS FOR STORAGE - Flexible cable can be looped and folded to fit take up less room in your tool box


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