Tire Rim Bead Sealer - 1 Quart

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STEELMAN G10106 Tire Rim Bead Sealer is the perfect solution for repairing tubeless tires that suffer from leaks around the rim. These types of leaks have many causes, from corrosive pitting from the elements to accidental scuffs and scrapes from the tire changer, but all result in a leaky tire. Tire bead sealer fixes these leaks by creating a layer of rubber sealant seal between the tire and the wheel rim that acts as a patch, filling in the spaces that would otherwise allow air to leak out. It works on all kinds of tubeless tires from cars and trucks to street and off-road motorcycles, ATVs, lawn tractors/riding lawnmowers.


  • ASSURES COMPLETE SEAL - When re-mounting tire beads will assure a safe and complete seal
  • STOP MINOR LEAKS - Works to create a thin rubber seal between the tire and wheel rim to stop minor air leaks
  • PERFECT FOR TUBELESS TIRES - Useable on all types of tubeless tires from cars and trucks to motorcycles, ATVs, and tractors
  • INCLUDED APPLICATOR BRUSH - Convenient applicator brush is attached to the underside of the cap
  • EXTEND WHEEL LIFE - Will help assure a seal even on wheels that have minor corrosion, pitting, or imperfections that prevent a conventional seal
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