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A good mounting lubricant can make the difference between spending a few hours or a few minutes when mounting or de-mounting a tire. STEELMAN JSP10115 Tire Lube helps ease the stresses of mounting and de-mounting, both on you and your tires. Each packet of STEELMAN JSP10115 Tire Lube Concentrate can be used to make 1 gallon of premier lubricant, enough for several tires and hours of saved time. The convenient storage jar is marked to allow for easy mixing of lubricant and storage of any unused portion. With special thickeners this lubricant won't drip easily and makes less mess during application and once applied, it stays where you need it and won't run like soap and water will. Great for use on all vehicle tires including go-karts, motorcycles, and ATVs. In addition it can be used to clean, dress, and lubricate other rubber parts to prevent squeaking.


  • MARKED FOR MIXING - Jar comes with easy to read markings for convenient mixing and storage of lubricant
  • LESS DRIPPING - Lubricant has special thickeners to give the product body and greater hang time on applicators
  • MAKES 10 GALLONS - Each of the ten 8 ounce packets of concentrate make 1 gallon of lubricant
  • EASY TIRE MOUNTING - Lubricant eases mounting and de-mounting of all types of tires
  • LUBRICATE RUBBER PARTS - Cleans and dresses all rubber parts to remove squeaks and lengthen life of those parts
  • SAFE ON PLASTIC AND LEATHER - Can also be used to clean and dress leather and plastic surfaces in addition to rubber
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