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The only thing worse that having a flat tire, is having a flat tire because the recently applied patch didn't hold because the surface wasn't smoothed enough for it to fully seal. The Steelman 00028-S Tire Inner Liner Scraper is a hoe style hand tool that helps prevent this happening by preparing interior tire surfaces so that applied patches can adhere and vulcanize properly. During USTMA (formerly the RMA) recommended repairs, after clearing our the injury channel and application of pre-buff cleaner, this tool lets you scrape away loosened dirt, debris, and mold-release lubricants that would gum up buffing wheels preventing them from doing their job properly. The screwdriver style handle is large and fluted to provide a secure grip during tool use and the 2-3/4-inch wide blade lets you clean a large area quickly with only a few passes.


  • IDEAL FOR REPAIRS - Ideal for helping create a smooth surface so a tire patch can fully adhere during repairs
  • SCREWDRIVER STYLE HANDLE - Large, screwdriver style handle allows for a better grip during use
  • 2-3/4-INCH WIDE BLADE - Hoe style blade measures 2-3/4-inches wide letting you scrape more with less effort
  • BEVELED EDGE - Blade edge is features a chisel ground bevel that is easy to reshape and gives smooth, consistent contact
  • FOR USTMA REPAIRS - Use as part of U.S. Tire Manufacturer's Association (USTMA) Approved tire repairs


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90 Day Limited Warranty

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