Stop wasting time trying to wedge hammers, breaker bars, 2 x 4 boards, and other objects into place in order to test brake lights or set that perfect idle RPM. The STEELMAN 60445 Steering Wheel Holder and Pedal Depressor has been custom designed to let you singlehandedly do those tasks that normally require either an assistant or the implementation of one of those previously mentioned work-arounds in order to get them done. Constructed of durable carbon steel and measuring 36-inches in length this handy tool can reach brake, gas / accelerator, or clutch pedals with equal ease to and the trigger-controlled compression mechanism allows for a custom level of pedal pressure. Perfect for a range of uses including tail light inspections, idle RPM relearning, and AC / air conditioning and brake line bleeding, and more!


  • SIMPLIFY LIGHT CHECKS - Use to depress brake pedals to make tail light inspections without needing assistance
  • SECURE WHEEL FOR ALIGNMENTS - Hold steering wheel firmly in position when setting toe angles during wheel alignments
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Made of durable carbon steel with an attractive zinc finish with dipped wheel hooks to protect steering wheels
  • 3-FOOT LENGTH - Two-piece rod can extend out to 36-inches to easily depress gas, brake, or clutch pedals for a variety of servicing procedures
  • 5.5-INCH FOOT PLATE - The included 5.5-inch diameter plate protects seat cushions from damage when used to secure steering wheels
  • INCLUDED STORAGE CASE - Includes a blow molded plastic storage case to keep components organized between uses
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1 Year Limited Warranty

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