The STEELMAN 95212 Pneumatic Brake Fluid Extractor Kit includes everything you need to get the job done quickly and easily even when working alone. Operating on compressed air to create its vacuum power, this extractor is non-sparking making it perfect for use on repair jobs and in work areas near flammable fumes and liquids. Unit has an automatic shut off feature that engages when the fluid reaches maximum level, preventing spills of caustic brake fluid that could etch paint and cause other damage. The mountable 1-liter fill bottle attaches to the side of the master cylinder to keep it topped off when bleeding calipers and has a 22-degree angle to help it fit under most vehicle hoods. A selection of included tips and bleeder valve connectors is included to fit most makes and models of cars and light trucks. Overall, the kit includes a 2-liter extractor bottle, 2-liter head assembly, 1-liter fill bottle, 1-liter head assembly, 16 accessories (tips, bleeder screws, etc.), two (2) 3-foot hoses and one (1) 6-foot hose.


  • REMOVE FLUID - Removes old fluid from master cylinders and calipers without introducing air to the brake system
  • ONE-MAN OPERATION - Easily operated design eliminates the need for a second person to pump the brake pedal
  • SPARK FREE - Pneumatic extractor is non-sparking, safe for use in any type of work environment
  • AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF - Safety design automatically shuts off when fluid reaches maximum level
  • INCLUDED FILL BOTTLE - Includes an attachable 22-degree angled fill bottle that refills the master cylinder as calipers are bled
  • MULTIPLE ACCESSORIES - Kit includes a variety of connectors, and hoses to reach and fit most sizes of bleeder valves


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