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Don't let changing tires be a pain just because there's something between you and the wheel. The STEELMAN 75031 Hub Cap Remover is the heavy duty tool that makes light work of hub and dust cap removal. The wide, angled prying blade lets you get a better grip on the back of the hub and dust caps to pop them off with less prying than if you used a screwdriver or putty knife and that translates to less or no damage to the cap's edges. The large rubber hammerhead on the back of the tool won't scratch or mar the finish on your hubcaps when it's time to replace them. Its large striking face spreads out the impact to secure the cap with fewer blows so you can be done faster. Next time you change or rotate tires, don't reach for a screwdriver for hubcaps, reach for your STEELMAN.


  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED - Designed solely for removing dust and hub caps easily without damaging them
  • HEAVY-DUTY - Steel and rubber construction for a lifetime of use
  • LARGE HAMMER FACE - Rubber hammerhead's large striking face distributes impact and prevents damage
  • SECURE GRIP - Knobbled handle allows for a firm, secure grip when prying
  • WIDE PRYING BLADE - Wide, angled prying blade lets you get a better grip on the back of the cap not the edge


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90 Day Limited Warranty

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