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Install and remove clip-on wheel weights on car and truck tires with the STEELMAN 75027-N Heavy Duty Wheel Weight Hammer. This handy pliers-like tool has multiple features to help make the task of installing and removing rim and wheel weights easier. The top of the tool has a hook for when you need a little extra leverage to remove a stubborn weight in addition to the beak-like paddle / spike weight removing jaw. Well balanced, this tool is easy to control and land clean, precise strikes with the hammer face. Below the hinge along the inside of the handles are a cutting blade and a deep V-shaped notch that can be used to trim down and bend wheel weights for a custom fit. The tips of the handles also feature extra features with one having point for releasing tire pressure and the other having a flat wedge to use for prying and positioning weights before crimping them into place.


  • MUTLI-USE TOOL - Specially designed tool able to install, remove, trim, tighten and adjust clip-on wheel weights
  • DURABLE - Made of rust resistant nickel plated steel for lasting durability
  • BALANCED - Tool is balanced for better leverage and more precise striking with the hammer face
  • REMOVE WEIGHTS - Top hook and beak-like jaws can be used to remove multiple types of clip on wheel weights
  • BEND AND CUT - Below the hinge pin is a cutting blade for trimming and a deep V notch for bending weights
  • HANDLE TIP TOOLS - Handle tips feature a point for releasing tire pressure and a wedge to help position weights


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