212 Performance

Heat and Liquid Resistant Elbow Length Gloves

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Wear the Heat and Liquid Resistant Elbow Length Protective Gloves to keep your forearms and hands protected from hot metals and fluids.
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You don't always have the luxury of working on vehicles once their engines have had time to cool down and some maintenance is best done when the engine is warm. To protect professionals working around hot metals and fluids we designed the 212 Heat Resistant Elbow Length Gloves. This protective glove is designed to go above and beyond when it comes to providing protection to thermal hazards, able to protect the wearer against temperatures exceeding 400-degrees F (204-degrees C), allowing professionals to work in extreme conditions with the peace of mind that their hands are protected. Glove has been tested according to EN407 standards for thermal protection and rated level 2 for protection against contact heat transfer hazards. The 2-piece outer PVC shell repels most liquids and provides impressive abrasion resistance. The palm and fingers are textured to provide maximum grip even in wet and oily working conditions. Longer than even the longest gauntlet style gloves, these extend up beyond the elbow to provide protection that runs the length of the wearer's arms. A reinforced grommet on the cuff end of the glove allows for easy hanging storage that allows the gloves to air dry between uses.


  • EXTRA LONG COVERAGE - Extra long glove design covers arm to mid-bicep to for long reaching heat protection
  • HEAT RESISTANT - Rated BS EN407:2004 level 2 for thermal hazard protection against contact heat
  • 2-PIECE CHASSIS - 2-Piece PVC chassis will not absorb hot liquids and is highly abrasion resistant
  • COTTON LINER - Fixed cotton liner throughout glove provides additional heat insulation and protection
  • TEXTURED GRIP - Palm and fingers of glove are textured to provide maximum grip in wet and oily conditions
  • REINFORCED GROMMET - Reinforced grommet allows for easy hanging to air dry between uses
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212 Performance
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