EngineEAR II Stethoscope

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Hunt down annoying and troublesome noises with the STEELMAN 06800 EngineEAR II Electronic Diagnostic Stethoscope. This handy listening tool features a decibel meter with 7 sound level control settings ranging from 60 decibels to 120 decibels. Supersensitive noise pick-up with high to low settings allows a user to quickly pinpoint errant sounds and the locations of worn bearings and bushings, noisy valves and lifters, broken or worn gear teeth, faulty fuel injectors, wind or air leaks, and other annoying squeaks and rattles. A pair of mono sound over the ear headphones are included to help block out background noises when scanning. The flexible gooseneck shaft allows the stethoscope probe to reach deep into automotive engine compartment recesses and around obstructions with ease. The microphone itself is non-conductive and a rubber boot insulates the solid aluminum probe to help prevent damage to delicate electronic components. A foam padded black plastic storage case is included to keep all components organized between uses and a single 9V battery is also included for convenience. Ideal for machinery inspectors, car and truck mechanics, and many more!


  • PINPOINT NOISES - Quickly pinpoint troublesome noises in cars, trucks, heavy machinery, farm equipment, and more
  • 7 SOUND SETTINGS - Decibel meter features 7 levels of sound control adjustability, from 60 to 120 decibels
  • OVER EAR HEADPHONES - Included mono headphones completely cover the ear to help block out background noises
  • FLEXIBLE GOOSENECK - Flexible gooseneck shaft enables easier access to tight and hard to reach spaces
  • ALUMINUM PROBE - Solid aluminum probe has non-conductive rubber boot to avoid damaging sensitive electronics
  • STORAGE CASE - Foam padded black plastic case is included for easy storage and transportation
  • BATTERY INCLUDED - Unit is powered by a single 9V battery which is included for convenience
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