As technology advances and things get smaller, the space available to work on them also shrinks. When the space is too small for a regular slotted or phillips screwdriver to fit, or at a difficult to reach angle, the STEELMAN PRO 78944 Diamond Tipped Low Profile Screwdriver set has what you need to get the job done without completely tearing everything apart just to remove that one fastener. Anything but micro, these flat, right angle screwdrivers need only 3/8-inch of clearance to access fasteners other drivers can't and with our Diamond Tipped coating they have greater gripping force with less slippage, allowing you to apply the torque you need to remove fasteners without fear of cam out. The 7-piece set includes the following slotted and phillips sizes: SL3/16, SL1/4, SL5/16, PH0, PH1, PH2, and PH3. When finished these powder coated steel tools come with a black storage case made of ballistic nylon with silk printed size callouts and snap closure so they don't get lost among other tools before you need them again.


  • LOW PROFILE ACCESS - With a clearance of only 3/8-inch easily access fasteners in hard to reach places
  • SHORT BUT STRONG - 4-1/4 inch long tool is made of strong powder-coated steel that resists bending under stress
  • DIAMOND TIP - The S2 steel bit is coated with a special diamond dust coating process that delivers extreme bit grip
  • ANTI-CAM OUT - Diamond tip coating provides less slippage during use and prevents cam-out
  • BIT SIZES - 7-piece slotted and phillips set includes SL3/16, SL1/4, SL5/16, PH0, PH1, PH2, and PH3 sizes
  • NYLON STORAGE CASE - Includes black ballistic nylon storage case with silk printed size callouts and snap closure
  • ASME COMPLIANT - Complies with ASME Standard B107.600-2008


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Lifetime Limited Warranty

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