When performing Rubber Manufacturer's Association approved tire repair procedures for pneumatic tires, the first step after removing the tire and locating the injury is to prep the area for buffing. STEELMAN G10110 Bufsol Pre-Buff Cleaner is designed to remove dirt, debris, and mold-release lubricants from the inner lining of the tire. If not removed these materials can plug up buffing wheels and leave a residue that interferes with proper patch adhesion that can result in a failed injury repair. When applied the cleaner loosens and dissolves these allowing them to then be scraped away, leaving the inner lining clean and ready to be buffed. Suitable for all rubber surfaces it can also be used to clean inner tubes prior to patching.


  • FOR PROPER TIRE REPAIR - For use as part of RMA approved tire repair procedures
  • QUICK SURFACE PREPARATION - Allows for quick preparation of all rubber surfaces
  • LOOSENS HARDENED DEBRIS - Loosens and allows easy scraping removal of dirt and debris that can build up along inner lining
  • DISSOLVES LUBRICANTS - Dissolves mold-release lubricants that can interfere with patch and plug adhesion
  • FOR TUBES AND TIRES - Works on repairs to both inner tubes and tubeless tires of all kinds
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