Take the struggle out of trying to grease recessed fittings on vehicles, fork lifts and farm equipment with the STEELMAN 06133 90-Degree Angle Push-Type Grease Gun Adapter. Attaching to any standard grease gun hose or extension via a zerk fitting on its end, this coupler lets you access recessed and right-angle mounted grease fittings inaccessible by regular straight couplers. The push-on type connector on the end seats easily against the top of the zerk and relies on hand pressure to keep a secure seal on the fitting. The adapter's 4.25-inch length allows it to double as an extension to reach past obstructions to access deep set zerks. A locking sleeve on the base of the adapter helps secure it to existing push-on grease gun couplers. Backed by a lifetime limited warranty.


  • 90-DEGREE ACCESS - 90-degree angled head allows easy access on fittings set at angles inaccessible to straight couplers
  • PUSH ON TIP - Push-on tip uses hand pressure against the head of zerk fittings for a tight seal
  • EXTRA REACH - Measuring 4.25-inches in length, adapter provides extra reach to access recessed or obscured fittings
  • FITS STANDARD GREASE GUNS - Adapter features a push-on zerk type fitting that connects to standard grease gun connectors
  • LOCKING SLEEVE - Locking sleeve keeps adapter secured to grease guns and is knurled for a secure grip
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Backed by a lifetime limited warranty


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Lifetime Limited Warranty
Lifetime Limited Warranty

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