Neutralize unpleasant odors wherever they are found or refill and keep your wall mounted automatic dispenser doing its job with a can of MOAB 491055 Red Clover Tea Scented Metered Dry Spray Air Freshener. This can of VOC* compliant odor neutralizer spreads out a fine, dry mist that floats through the air to capture and eliminate the sources of foul smells. The dry spray formula means no wet, slippery mess on the floor that can result in slips, falls, and injuries for a safer area that smells great! The spray is non-chlorinated and contains no CFCs in addition to being non-staining making it perfect for use in any area from bathrooms, sick rooms, basements, offices, restrooms, and more. Can be manually sprayed, with a metered amount of air freshener released with each press of the nozzle, or it can be used with a MOAB 499501 Multi-Function Metered Aerosol Spray Wall-Mounted Dispenser for up to 24-hour, automated odor control.


  • ODOR NEUTRALIZING - Neutralizes unpleasant odors leaving behind a pleasant Red Clover Tea scent
  • LONG LASTING - Long lasting formula disperses quickly and floats through the air to continue neutralizing odor
  • NO FALLOUT - Dry spray leaves no wet, messy fall out on the floor to improve safety
  • STAIN-FREE - Non-staining formula mists easily and will not stain walls, doors, countertops, floors and other surfaces
  • 7.25-OUNCE CAN - 7.25-ounce metered can releases a set amount with each press of the nozzle
  • COMPATIBLE DISPENSER - Compatible with the MOAB 499501 Multi-Function Automatic Dispenser
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