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Reach in and get a grip with the STEELMAN 05600 7-Piece Tweezer Set. Constructed of durable and easy to clean stainless steel this set contains a range of tip and closure styles to help you with a wide variety of precision tasks. Set includes four straight pairs including 7-inch sharp tip utility, 6-inch slide-locking rounded tip with serrated grip, 4.5-inch rounded spade tip, and 4.75-inch sharp tip. Set also includes three specialty tip pairs: 6-inch rounded-tip offset self-closing with serrated grip, 6.75-inch angled sharp tip with serrated grip, and 6-inch angled self-closing sharp tip. To keep everything organized between uses the kit comes in a convenient zipper-secured case. So whether you're working on a model railroad / ship, doing lab work, or soldering, this kit has a pair that's perfect for your needs.


  • 7-PIECE SET - Set includes 7 pairs of tweezers with a variety of tip shapes and styles for a wide variety of repair, hobby, and utility uses
  • STAINLESS STEEL - Each pair is constructed of durable, easy to clean stainless steel that resists rust and corrosion
  • MULTI-FUNCTION TIPS - Kit includes sharp, angled, and blunt tips useful for jewelry and model making, watch and electronics repair, wire pulling and more
  • STRAIGHT TIP PAIRS - Kit includes the following straight tip pairs: 7-inch sharp tip, 6-inch slide-locking rounded tip, 4.5-inch rounded spade tip, and 4.75-inch sharp tip
  • OFFSET AND ANGLED TIPS - Set includes these specialty tips: 6-inch rounded tip offset self-closing, 6.75-inch angled sharp tip, and 6-inch angled sharp tip self-closing
  • ZIPPERED CASE INCLUDED - Set comes with a zipper-secured storage case for easy organization and transport


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