The STEELMAN 41822 24-Inch Telescoping 3.5-Pound Hold Magnetic Pickup Tool is the ideal tool for when you need to reach into tight and recessed areas. The slim handle has a pocket clip and extends from a compact 5-inches to over 24-inches in length or anything in between. The small magnet is a mere 10mm in diameter but is strong enough to pick up 3.5-pounds of ferrous metal material when lifting straight up. Ideal for picking up small, and easily dropped items like screws, nails, nuts, bolts, and other fasteners around the workshop and pins, keys, and other items around the house. When done this durable, telescoping tool collapses down to 5-inches in size and can be easily stowed away in a pocket, automotive glove compartment, tool box, or sewing kit until it is once more needed.


  • COMPACT - Tool collapses down to only 5-inches in length for easy storage in a tool box, glove compartment, or pocket
  • SMALL YET STRONG - Compact magnet is capable of retrieving up to 3.5-pounds
  • RETRIEVE FERROUS ITEMS - Pickup tool is ideal for the retrieval of ferrous metal items like nails, screws, pins and more
  • ACCESS TIGHT SPACES - 10mm diameter magnet allows you to reach into tight and cramped areas
  • EXTENDABLE - Extends from a pocket friendly 5-inches to a deep reaching 24-inches
  • POCKET CLIP - Handy pocket clip is built-into the end of the tool
  • IDEAL FOR HOME OR WORK - Ideal for use at home or on the job picking up everything from nuts and washers to needles and keys


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