The STEELMAN 99193 10-150 PSI Recalibratable Matte Black Tire Air Pressure Gauge with Dual Foot Chuck will help you get the most out of not just your tires but your car or truck too. When properly inflated, your tires can last longer and even save you money at the pump by helping your car get better fuel mileage. This handy gauge has a lightweight and sturdy nickel plated brass body housing with a matte black coating to prevent corrosion and chrome plated steel heads. To maintain long term accuracy and ensure correct readings long down the road, this gauge is designed to be recalibrated. The dual foot design incorporates both a straight access head and a 30-degree reverse angle head for easier access at multiple angles and on recessed valve stems. The bright white lettering stands out in sharp contrast against the black PE plastic reader bar to make measured pressures easier to read. Able to quickly and accurately read tire pressures from 10 to 150 PSI, this tool is rated to be accurate to +/-2 PSI making it great for all kinds of vehicles from recreational vehicles like RVs and ATVs to big rigs and tractor trailers. A convenient ring on the tool shaft allows for attachment of a lanyard or for easy storage on a tool board.


  • SAVE MONEY - Properly inflated tires last longer and save you money at the pump with better fuel mileage
  • PRESSURE RANGE - Accurately and quickly reads tire pressures from 10 to 150 PSI in 2 PSI increments with +/- 2 PSI accuracy
  • RECALIBRATABLE - Gauge is designed to be recalibrated to maintain correct and accurate readings
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Durable nickel plated brass tube with a matte black finish and PE plastic measuring stick
  • EASY TO READ - Bright white lettering contrasts excellently with black plastic reader bar to be easy to read
  • DUAL FOOT - Dual foot design incorporates both a straight access and a 30-degree reverse angled head
  • HANG RING - A convenient hang ring below the head allows attachment of a lanyard or for easy tool board storage


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1 Year Limited Warranty

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