When performing Rubber Manufacturer's Association (RMA) approved tire repair procedures for pneumatic tires, having the right patches and plugs is essential. STEELMAN pull through plugs are one half of the 2-piece repair for tire injuries up to 1/4-inch (6mm) that exceed 25 degrees off perpendicular. This plug will vulcanize either chemically via vulcanizing cement or in a heat cure system to create a permanent repair. The integrated lead wire makes it easy to fully seat the plug stem into the puncture channel and create a tight seal after which it can be trimmed off flush with the tire tread and liner. Perfect to repairing radial and bias ply tubeless tires on automobiles, trucks, ATVs, and motorcycles. Comes in a box of 50 plugs.


  • FOR 2-PIECE REPAIRS - Use with STEELMAN tire repair patches for RMA approved repairs on tire injuries that exceed 25 degrees
  • PLUG 1/4-INCH INJURY - Use to repair tire injuries of up to 1/4-inch (6mm)
  • CHEMICAL OR HEAT CURE - Plug will vulcanize chemically or in a heat cure system
  • INTEGRATED LEAD WIRE - Integrated lead wire makes it easy to fully seat patch stem into injury channel
  • REPAIR TUBELESS TIRES - Use to repair radial and bias ply tubeless tires on cars, trucks, and motorcycles


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United States of America
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90 Day Limited Warranty

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