One of the main steps in the Rubber Manufacturer's Association tire repair procedure for pneumatic tires is to make sure the tire injury has been cleaned out in preparation for a plug stem or plug stem patch. The STEELMAN 18241A 1/4-Inch Carbide Double Cut Burr for Tire Repair Dressing with Adapter is designed for that specific step of tire repair. A 2mm hex set screw holds the carbide burr firmly in place inside the adapter which can then be swapped into a 3/8-Inch quick change chuck on a low speed tire buffer tool and used to create a clean, smooth, and uniform repair channel through tire rubber and the embedded steel belts without the risk of friction scorching that could further weaken the tire. The double cut design allows this cutter to remove material on both the insertion and removal parts of each stroke speeding up total repair time. The durable carbide steel burr features flats along the shaft ensure that when fitted into the adapter, the set screw has secure purchase and will keep the burr from being seized by the tire material and ceasing to turn.


  • REMOVE DEBRIS - Used to remove debris and clean out the channel of damage caused during a tire puncture
  • CREATE A UNIFORM CHANNEL - Creates a clean, smooth, and uniform 1/4-inch wide channel for a better seal when using tire repair plug stems and stem patches
  • ADAPTER INCLUDED - With included adapter this tool can be used with a standard 3/8-inch quick change chuck on most low speed buffer tools, including the STEELMAN SLP6510
  • DURABLE CARBIDE STEEL - The burr is made of durable carbide steel to stand up to hard use
  • DOUBLE CUT DESIGN - Double cut design of the burr tip allows it to cut on both insertion and removal strokes during tire repair
  • REPAIR LARGER INJURIES - Can be used to repair tire injuries larger than 1/8-inch up to the RMA recommended maximum of 1/4-inch


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90 Day Limited Warranty

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