Protect your wheels, wheel studs, and brake rotors with STEELMAN torque extensions. The STEELMAN 50061-5XA 5-Piece 1/2-Inch Drive Torque Extension Set is designed to prevent damage to wheels, studs, and brake rotors by reducing the risk of overtightening lug nuts which can result in sheared stud bolts, rounded lug nuts, and warped rotors. When used with an electric or pneumatic impact wrench these 8-inch extension bars will limit the effective output of the wrench to a preset amount of torque and anything above that will cause the extension to flex and absorb the extra impact. Each torque stick is machined to a specific maximum torque and then color coded for easy identification: yellow at 65ft-lb, blue at 80ft-lb, gray at 100ft-lb, white at 120ft-lb, and aqua at 140ft-lb of torque. These torque sticks are made of resilient chrome molybdenum (Chromoly) steel that are then given their color-coded powder coating for increased corrosion resistance and to make it easy to distinguish them among other tools. Kit includes a convenient blow-molded black storage case.


  • 8-INCH EXTENSION - Torque extensions are 8-inches long to allow easy clearance and prevent damage to wheels by a too close impact wrench
  • 5-PIECE SET - 5-Piece set includes a yellow 65ft-lb, blue 80ft-lb, gray 100ft-lb, white 120ft-lb, and aqua 140ft-lb torque sticks
  • RESILIENT STEEL - Made of durable and resilient chrome molybdenum steel
  • PREVENT OVER-TIGHTENING - Prevent over-tightening that can lead to premature failure of wheels, wheel studs, and rotors
  • POWDER COATED - Powder coated for additional corrosion resistance and to easily identify it among other extensions and tools
  • FLEXES TO LIMIT TORQUE - When each sticks maximum torque is reached the extension will flex and absorb additional impacts instead of continuing to tighten
  • 1/2-INCH DRIVE - Both male and female ends are 1/2-inch drive for use with heavy duty impact wrenches and sockets
  • CALIBRATION FREE - With a pre-determined maximum allowed torque and no moving parts they are maintenance and recalibration free


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1 Year Limited Warranty

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