As many technicians know, automotive electrical terminal blocks are designed to hold wires amid the bumps and vibrations experienced in modern cars and trucks and not let go or loosen so when it comes time to replace or repair those terminals or wires, they never want to let go and special tools are needed to separate them. The STEELMAN 95928 10-Piece VW/Audi Terminal Tool Kit was designed to do just that, to let you separate the wires from their terminal blocks without causing damage to either. Made with knurled and hard stamped aluminum handles these connector pin release tools take the aggravation out of terminal repair. The tools included in this kit will work on a variety of terminals found Audi, Volkswagen, Renault, and other common European vehicles. A convenient application reference chart listing tools, measurements, and compatible manufacturers and uses is included inside the blow-molded plastic storage case. The following terminal tools are included in this set: 3.5mm round, round aerial, 1.5mm two pin MCP, dual blade JPT, dual flat blade, dual pin DCS2, 2.8mm dual flat pin, flat, 6.3mm flat faston, and 6.3mm dual flat pin.


  • 10-PIECE KIT - Set of 10 different sized tools specially designed to safely remove wires from terminal blocks without damage
  • COMPATIBLE MAKES AND TERMINALS - Included tools fit terminals used in Audi, Volkswagen, Renault, and other common European vehicles
  • WIDE ARRAY OF TIPS - Kit includes tools to fit round, round aerial, dual pin, dual blade, dual flat blade, flat, and flat faston terminals
  • INCLUDED REFERENCE CHART - A quick reference chart listing sizes and compatible manufacturers for each tool is included
  • KNURLED ALUMINUM HANDLES - Knurled black anodized aluminum handles provide a secure, non-slip grip during use and each tool is clearly labelled for easy identification
  • NON-MAGNETIC TOOLS- Tools are made with aluminum handles and non-magnetic stainless steel tips
  • STORAGE CASE - All 10 tools and reference chart fit into the included blow-molded plastic storage case


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