Expand the usefulness of your 3-inch vise with the SPEEDJAW 92811 Ductile Iron Vise Pad Set. Made from ductile iron these pads have a cast in grid texture that provides your vise with increased grip on metal objects that regular flat, steel or aluminum vise pads have difficulty holding securely. Designed to slip over the existing jaws of the SPEEDJAW 92745 vise these pads take only a few seconds to install and require no tools to attach. Ideal for holding metal projects during fabrication as the ductile iron helps to dampen the vibrations from a drill or grinder which can often cause vises to slowly loosen when working on a project. Set includes 2 vise pads.


  • INCREASE VISE VERSATILITY - Easy to attach pads bring additional versatility to your SPEEDJAW vise by giving it better grip on a wider variety of shapes and materials
  • CAST GRID TEXTURE - Pads are cast with a grid texture that provides your vise with additional grip on secured projects
  • DUCTILE IRON CONSTRUCTION - Constructed of ductile iron these pads clamp onto your project with a grip stronger than machined aluminum but without the damaging hardness of steel
  • PERFECT FOR FABRICATION - Ideal for securing metal projects during fabrication as the ductile iron helps to dampen vibrations from drills and grinders
  • COMPATIBLE SPEEDJAW VISE - Designed to easily slip over the built-in pads on the SPEEDJAW 92745 vise
  • 2-PIECE SET - Set includes 2 vise pads


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