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AX360 7mil Disposable Nitrile Textured Gloves Latex Free

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Sometimes you don't need the thickest glove, you need a glove that lets you feel every nook and cranny of the job you're working on. At times like that you need 212 Performance's Disposable Black Nitrile Extra-Grip Gloves. Perfect for use in plumbing, sanitation/janitorial, automotive, industrial, paint/dye mixing, painting, food service/kitchen, dishwashing, house cleaning, salon/hair-dyeing, and laboratory work. These heavy-duty nitrile gloves are powder-free and have an ambidextrous design so you don't have to worry about specific right or left-handed gloves. Latex-free, these gloves are instead made of synthetic nitrile rubber that will not provoke allergic reactions. At only 7mil thick they give excellent fit and feel - it's practically like wearing a second skin that won't hinder your natural dexterity. A diamond textured pattern enhances grips especially in wet work environments. 212 Performance's nitrile gloves are an excellent addition to your tool box, household, emergency medical/first-aid, and protective equipment supplies particularly when you need to avoid a latex allergy. Gloves come packed in a box of 100 in sizes small to large and box of 90 in x-large and xx-large.


  • TEXTURED GRIP - Glove has a stippled textured on the front and back for extreme grip
  • THIN YET TOUGH - 7mil thick glove provides elastic protection that doesn’t easily break
  • AMBIDEXTROUS - Ambidextrous design for easy and quick on and off use
  • POWDER FREE - Powder free to avoid unnecessary residue
  • LATEX FREE - Made of synthetic nitrile rubber
  • MULTI-COUNT BOX - Gloves come in a box of 100 for sizes M and L, and 90 for XL and 2XL


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