Bluetooth ChassisEAR Kit

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Connect the Bluetooth CHASSISEAR to your Windows or Android phone to detect noises, vibrations, and harshness to help identify and diagnose unidentified noises.
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The STEELMAN PRO 78684 Bluetooth ChassisEAR Kit is a noise, vibration, and harshness detection tool that uses Bluetooth wireless technology along with a Windows or Android device to help identify and diagnose unidentified noises. The intuitively designed and free downloadable software provides easy pinpointing of noises from multiple locations. Sound files can be saved for future reference or e-mailed for further analysis by other technicians or to be shared with and reviewed by the customer themselves. This kit includes 4 vibration sensor clamps for multi-location diagnostics, 4 Bluetooth transmitter modules, 6 color coded silicone rubber module boots, a detachable sound wand with a probe for high quality sound detection, a docking station and AC to 5V DC wall charger, Bluetooth USB dongle, a set of zip and hook and loop ties, and a pair of comfortable-fit padded headphones. The STEELMAN PRO Bluetooth ChassisEAR Kit also features a user information guide which includes informative facts about sound perception and permissible noise level exposure, as well as a sound level comparison reference chart. Software is compatible with Microsoft's Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 operating systems and Android devices and is available from or from Google Play.


  • NO WIRES - Bluetooth connected transmitters attach to clamps and wirelessly transmits data to a connected device
  • 4 INDEPENDENT SENSORS - Kit includes 4 vibration and noise sensor clamps and 4 Bluetooth transmitters with a set of color coded silicone rubber boots
  • STETHOSCOPE PROBE - Aluminum probe works with a Bluetooth transmitter as an electronic stethoscope and features a detachable sound wand
  • USB BLUETOOTH DONGLE - Includes a USB Bluetooth dongle for use with laptop PCs that do not have built-in Bluetooth capability
  • MULTIFUNCTION DOCK - Docking station charges Bluetooth modules and includes storage compartments for clamps, sound wand, and ties
  • PADDED HEADPHONES - Comfort-fit padded headphones provide high-quality sound reproduction for diagnosing detected noises
  • FREE SOFTWARE - Free downloadable software from and Google Play and works with Windows 7, 8, and 10 and a range of Android devices
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