Specially designed to give the most versatility possible in a clamping tool, the SPEEDJAW 94036 Adjustable Locking Hand Clamp with Quick-Release is an ideal single-hand operated clamp for whatever project you're working on. The independently adjustable jaw arms provide excellent versatility when working with unconventional shapes that other, fixed arm clamps can't properly grip while providing an opening width of 3-inches when fully retracted and 6-inches with both arms completely extended. The main clamp body and arms are made from rugged and durable fiber-reinforced nylon with the arm extensions and locking mechanism being made from high-strength chrome steel. The polypropylene plastic jaw pads are free-swiveling and feature a V groove through the middle to more easily grip round or tapered stock and pipes/tubing and can swing up to 70 degrees to more easily grip odd-shaped work pieces. The clamp grips with tight and secure pressure like a third hand that is easy to disengage with the quick-release lock located between the handles. When additional or more specialized gripping surfaces are needed this clamp is fully compatible with the full range of SPEEDJAW Clamp Jaw Pads including 93622 for larger pipes and rounded stock, 93623 for delicate woodworking projects using softer wood and plastics, and 93624 for when vise level gripping is needed during metal welding and fabrication.


  • ADJUSTABLE JAWS - Fully adjustable jaws have an opening width of 2.25-inches when collapsed to 5.75-inches with both arms completely extended
  • REINFORCED NYLON AND STEEL - Clamp is made of fiber-reinforced nylon with chrome steel arm extensions and lock
  • POLYPROPYLENE FLOATING HEADS - Free swiveling polypropylene jaw pads have a V groove and swing up to 70 degrees for maximum versatility
  • QUICK-RELEASE - Clamp lock can be easily released with the quick-release opening lever located between the handles
  • JAW PAD COMPATIBLE - Fully compatible with all SPEEDJAW Clamp Jaw Pads, part numbers 93622, 93623, and 93624
  • INDEPENDENTLY EXTENDING ARMS - Jaw arms are independently adjustable allowing for greater versatility in clamping unconventional shapes


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90 Day Limited Warranty

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