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The STEELMAN 05594 4-Piece Gripper Set contains two sizes and styles of professional grade stainless steel grippers perfectly sized for a wide variety of uses in automotive repairs and maintenance, hobbies, holding soldering projects, and other tasks that require a delicate yet firm grip. The kit contains both 6-1/2 and 10-1/2-inch length grippers to give you both close up control and recessed accessibility when pulling wires or retrieving small objects and items in places too small for fingers to reach. An angled set of grippers is included in the set for when you need to reach around an obstruction like engine hoses or for delicate tasks like tying fishing lures and flies when the angle makes working easier. Handles are dipped for added comfort and are color coded bright green and orange to make identification of angled and straight tipped styles quick and easy. A zippered vinyl storage pouch is included for simple to transport storage and organization.


  • 4 GRIPPERS - Set of 4 short and long reaching self-locking forceps for a variety of automotive, hobby, repair, and maintenance tasks
  • MULTIPLE USES - Ideal for use as a pinch-off tool on hoses, holding small parts while soldering, or for tying flies / fishing lures
  • STAINLESS STEEL - Grippers are made from easy to clean and rust resistant stainless steel
  • 2 LENGTHS - Set includes grippers in both 6-1/2 and 10-1/2-inch lengths for use both up close and when reach is needed
  • STRAIGHT AND ANGLED - Both straight and bent nose tip styles are included in the set to provide extra utility
  • COLOR CODED - Green and orange dipped handles help identify at a glance the straight tip grippers from the angled
  • ZIPPER POUCH - Set comes with a zipper-secured vinyl pouch for easy storage and portability


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