There are certain areas of a home or office that, when small items fall behind them, we generally end up not retrieving them. It’s not for lack of trying, but our arms just weren’t meant to fit behind couches, desks, into computer cases or engine compartments. The STEELMAN 41823 24-Inch Flexible Shaft Magnetic Pickup Tool, on the other hand, was designed to do just that! This ultra-convenient tool features a slim, flexible 24-inch aluminum / brass alloy shaft that can be bent and molded to fit into tight spaces and around corners to reach places straight rod retrievers cannot. The handle is dipped for comfort on the back end with a knurled front to provide better precision control. At the end of the shaft is a 6mm diameter magnet that can hold up to 1.5-pounds of washers, nuts, screws, keys, pins, paperclips… You name it, this handy tool can pick it up!


  • 1.5-POUND CAPACITY - Pickup tool retrieves small magnetic items up to 1.5-pounds
  • 24-INCH REACH - Flexible 24-inch shaft can reach inside curved pipes and other hard-to-reach spaces
  • BENDABLE SHAFT - Bendable shaft keeps whatever shape you to need to ensure it reaches the item
  • 6MM HEAD - 6mm magnet helps get into hard-to-reach spaces
  • PADDED AND KNURLED - Back of handle is padded for comfort with a knurled front for maximum control
  • ALLOY SHAFT - Aluminum/brass alloy is sturdy yet easily bent by hand
  • UNIVERSAL USE - Ideal for plumbers, mechanics, home inspectors, and homeowners


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Lifetime Limited Warranty

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