The STEELMAN 97845 2-Piece Brake Lining Thickness Gauge Set, 5-Pack is perfect use for both in the professional garage / workshop and or for the DIY home mechanic who wishes to have a set on hand in multiple locations. Suitable for use on both disc and drum brakes, these durable steel measurement tools are color coded to give a quick reference point on the status of your brake pads. The long measuring blade tips can fit into spaces most digital micrometers and calipers cannot. Each blade has its size stamped into the metal in metric as well as fractional and decimal SAE scale so you can tell at a glance the amount of pad you have left. The yellow blade tip measures 4/32-inch (3.18mm) and the red blade tip measures 2/32-inch (1.59mm).


  • 5-PACK - Pack of 5 gauges to easily outfit shop technicians or to keep stored in multiple locations to always have a set handy
  • DISC AND DRUM BRAKES - Useable with both disc and drum style brake pads on any type of vehicle from passenger cars and trucks to heavy duty transportation
  • COLOR CODED - Color powder-coated blades help to quickly determine the brake pad status when examining brake lining
  • DURABLE STEEL - The durable 20-gauge steel blades won't easily bend or break like plastic
  • STAMPED CALLOUTS - Each blade has both metric and SAE measurements stamped into the metal
  • BLADE SIZES - Yellow blade tip measures 4/32 (0.1250)-inch (3.18mm) and the red blade tip measures 2/32 (0.06259)-inch (1.59mm)


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